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"I fully believe that I am a much better musician and performer because of the time I spent studying with her..."

- Matthew R., former private student

"My own vocal study is guided by the goal of authentic expression: to genuinely express the ideals and emotions of the music during performance. In order to attain this goal, a singer must endeavor to possess confident musicianship skills, a solid vocal technique, and an ever-increasing knowledge of vocal repertoire.


My objective as a voice teacher is to guide my students in developing these three areas so that they may walk the path to finding this authenticity of expression, whether they are singing professionally on the operatic stage or in their local church choir." - JM

Jacquelyn teaches singers of all ages and experiences from high school students to professional performers. Her students have garnered awards in numerous vocal competitions and been accepted to prestigious undergraduate and graduate music programs.


Contact her directly for more information on private instruction and masterclasses.

"She’s the perfect blend of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging to help you achieve your goals." 

- Katie S., former university student

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"I had the good fortune of working with Dr. Matava for about two years.  She was instrumental in helping me apply for graduate programs.  Not only is she a great voice teacher, but also a fabulous performer and musician.  I was always able to ask her advice about repertoire, auditioning, style, etc.  She is organized, professional, and is always looking out for her students." 

- Elise M., former private student and

M.M. candidate, Indiana University

"From the first lesson, I knew that it would be a good fit because it was so clear that she expected hard work and intended to push me, but she also brought such a fun and enjoyable energy to her studio. She is a brilliant technician and artist, both of which are on full display in how she easily pinpoints areas of growth within her students, in her ability to articulate ideas in a number of ways to help the student achieve a more refined sound, and in the level of expression she pushes her students to find in any given piece. I began studying with Jackie at a time when I was falling out of love with singing. She was instrumental in helping me to regain confidence in my voice, and I'm forever grateful that she guided me as I rebuilt my appreciation and love for this art form. I fully believe that I am a much better musician and performer because of the time I spent studying with her. I am now pursuing my master's degree in voice performance with the intention of eventually becoming a voice teacher at the university level, thanks in large part to Jackie."

- Matthew R., former private student and

M.M. candidate, University of Oklahoma

"Dr. Matava has a very holistic approach to voice lessons. She not only works with her students on the technical aspects of singing, but also on the performative aspects, making her students some of the most well-rounded singers out there. I not only became a better singer, but I became a stronger and more confident performer as well after working with her."

- Natalie M., former university student

"Jackie has transformed my singing and relationship to music. I was definitely a beginner and barely a baritone when we started but she set me up with appropriate musical challenges and helped me navigate through the early bumps. Now, I sing tenor with greater confidence and trained skill. " 

- Jesse L., private student

"Dr. Matava is an excellent instructor whose style of teaching helps her students to become more independent musicians who are equipped with a wide variety of repertoire and performance experiences. In the three years I spent as her student, I became more comfortable performing expressively in front of others, developed better practice habits, learned a diverse list of repertoire, and programmed a senior recital. Dr. Matava is thoughtful, organized, and creative as both a performer and an educator, and she inspires her students to exhibit these traits in practice and performance.

- Lindsey F., former university student and

Master of Arts in Teaching candidate, Trinity University

I owe much of my growth as a vocalist and performer to Dr. Jackie Matava. She is knowledgeable, articulate, and quick. She precisely identifies areas for improvement and equips her students with the knowledge and skills needed to make lasting change in their vocal ability. In her studio, I also improved my performing skills – not just my vocal technique. As a highly skilled musician and performer, Jackie teaches her students to bring life to music and tell a story on the stage. She makes performance an integral part of her teaching, which in turn makes for better singing.

- Kassie K., former university student

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